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Why choose Data Recovery Sweden for your Apple Mac data recovery needs?


Well we have helped many people recover their Mac data, who in most cases thought their data was lost forever and we are also happy to attempt recoveries on disks that have already been sent to other companies. We work to the following guidelines:

Recover all data that can be Read. – as long as the data is still on the drive.
Free evaluation / diagnosis.
Free file listing stating all data that is recoverable.
After sales data recovery support.
100% satisfaction guaranteed.
No data - no fee.
Lowest recovery fees.


Data Recovery Sweden
Årsundavägen 46
T: +46 8768 4128
E: maa@datarecoverysweden.se


At Data Recovery Sweden we can rescue, salvage & recover lost data from corrupt, lost or damaged Mac volumes having HFS, HFS+ and UFS file systems from all Macintosh Operating Systems - OS X Leopard and backwards. We have fully equipped data recovery labs with experienced data recovery staff, expertise and knowledge to create advanced solution-driven data recovery procedures, with tools to recover lost data from inaccessible drives and storage media, no matter what the problem or data loss situation. By utilising low-level hardware data recovery techniques we recover lost data from crashed hard disk drives or any other failed data storage devices. Our data recovery personnel have developed many unique data rescue procedures and tools to recover lost, deleted, corrupt or inaccessible data, partitions and missing volumes from any kind of data storage media. We at Data Recovery Sweden offer full support for all our data recovery procedures and will answer any questions regarding data recovery.


Data Recovery Sweden ensure fast recovery of lost data from all corrupt, deleted or formatted and crashed Mac volumes including HFS, HFS+, UFS and X-SAN systems. Across all configurations, from spanned volumes to X-Serve RAID configurations including mirrored and striped RAID0/1/2 systems, (see our www.raidrecovery.se page for further information).


Typical situations where we can perform recoveries identified by the following Mac error reports:


Cannot access the disk due to some sort of disk error.
Incomplete or bad/corrupt file or directories.
Not a Mac formatted disk or volume.
Disk missing
X-Serve RAID storage sets with parity.
HFS, HFS+, UFS, NAS and X-SAN file systems with logical corruptions.
i/o read errors.
Disk not readable by the computer, initialize disk?
Deliberate damage to file system.
File system corruption.
Hard disk failure due to hardware or mechanical issues.
Data loss due to power failure or system crash or user deleting data.
Recovery of external media using other file systems - NTFS FAT32 EXT2/3 formatted external hard drives.
ipod, itouch and iphone recoveries.
Serious file system corruption.
System shell commands resulting in loss of data.
Accidental initialization or formatting of any media and any RAID array configuration.